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Our African American ethnicity plays a pivotal and socially ificant role in our lives. Being Black forms part of our identity and informs us on how we see ourselves and the world, how others perceive us and relate to us. We know, for help.

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Sometimes we see these roles reversed, but this is the example we are using for the sake of the point we are about to make. Does it feel like you have to parent your spouse? Or does it feel like you spouse is policing and critiquing your every move? Then, this is for you. Who wants to have sex with a micromanaging boss?

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As a sex therapist, she wants to provide a positive and healthy, non-judgmental environment for processing conversations for her clients and assist people on this important journey. She works with individuals and those in relationships with others. In CNM Consensual Non-Monogamous relationships, communication is key to the success and wellbeing of the relationship. Melinda provides counseling that can help build with those skills. Speaking in a manner that shows an understanding of equality and respect welcomes the listener to hear and be a partner in the creation of their healthy relationship.

Melinda provides services to couples and individuals with diverse sexuality concerns, including — but not limited to — loss of desire; discrepancies in desire between couples; out of control sexual behavior; erection or ejaculation difficulties; fetishism; issues of gender identity; issues pertaining to sexual identity and sexual orientation; challenges around orgasm; sexual pain for men and women; vaginismus contractions of the vagina that prevent penetration ; sexuality and chronic illness; sexuality and physical ability; polyamory; trauma and paraphilia.

Please note that MCP Counseling does not work with sex offenders but can make appropriate referrals.

Melinda is excited to work with individuals and those in relationships that are looking to have a healthy environment or work through some specific issues. Address.

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