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I performed an internet search on the top 5 needs for men and top 5 needs for women.

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For women, on average, the top 5 needs are:. The first thing I notice is how different these lists are. It is so very importation for you to know this, as you position yourself for your future mate. The first one is sexual fulfillment. Next is recreational companionship.

Men really dig it if you can hang with them during the recreational activities they enjoy. For example, go fishing with them or watch a sporting event with them.

A few tips:. The 3 rd need for men is an attractive spouse. Let me start off by saying, you do not have to be thin to be considered attractive to a man.

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Men love women in all shapes and sizes, all hair types, hair lengths, all physical heights…men love them all. Nevertheless, just know that whatever you look like, there are men out there who will appreciate you, as is. No man wants to see a ponytail every single day, so try to do your hair once in awhile.

Also, I know how comfortable jeans can be, but try to spruce it up every now and then, and wear something that accentuates your femininity. Also, with the attractive factor, exercising will help maximize how you feel; it will help you to feel energized and feel great, which will cause you to ooze beauty because of how good you feel. four on this list is domestic support.

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Hey, those are not my words, lol. Those words came directly from the survey. Get a recipe book and choose one thing to master.

Keep trying that recipe over and over again until you can do it well. In other words, if you make him feel needed and desired, it motivates him to do more and achieve more to please you, which in you admiring him even more, and the loop is ongoing. For women, on average, the top 5 needs are: Affection, Conversation, Honesty, Financial support, and Family commitment. A few tips: Google the rules for the sport your man is interested in and try to gain a little knowledge on the subject and engage him every now and then watching a game or two with him.

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If he likes motorcycling riding, try to go out with him at least once. Overall, just simply TRY something he likes and step outside of your comfort zone and try to meet him there. Hopefully you gained a few tips, or at least some food for thought.

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