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Lesbian In Wisconsin Sc

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Same-sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states. There are a few documents everyone should have in their estate plan, but some additional steps can be made to ensure that the assets are transferred to a partner in a same-sex relationship. This is the cornerstone of every estate plan and can be especially important for same-sex unmarried couples with children.

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If you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender GLBT individual. When you are harassed because of your real or perceived orientation, what must your employer do to stop the harassment? Fortunately, the State of Wisconsin protects against harassment on the basis of sexual orientation. However, perhaps your experience has proven otherwise at your Milwaukee area workplace. To discuss your claim of discrimination on the job based on sexual orientation, schedule a free initial phone consultation with an experienced employment law attorney.

InWisconsin became the first state in the country to outlaw discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Sexual orientation is defined as being or perceived as being heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual.

Do we still need a court order regarding our parental rights?

This means that it is unlawful discrimination for your employer to use your sexual orientation to discriminate against you in hiring, discharge, matters relating to your compensation, terms, conditions, or privileges of employment. Denying you, either through segregation or classification, employment opportunities, or otherwise adversely affecting your status as an employee is also unlawful. If you feel you have been discriminated against on the basis of your sexual orientation, please to discuss your options.

The Milwaukee, Wisconsin employment law attorney at Alan C. Our lawyers know employment law — and what it takes to get. We work hard.

We love what we do. At the Wisconsin law firm of Alan C. This is how clients describe our work: Smart.

Milwaukee sexual orientation attorney

. Whether guiding you through an employment discrimination case, discussing disability benefits or assessing potential wage claim violations, we talk to you about your case in terms that make sense — terms a judge and jury can understand. Our practice focuses on protecting employee rights. Our Milwaukee employment law attorneys have extensive experience representing clients in all aspects of employment law, including:.

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Our job is to convince your employer to change its beliefs and behavior and open its checkbook through argument instead of force. When we base our argument on principles of fairness, evidence and legal insights, we will likely succeed. If your employer will not be persuaded, however, a judge or jury will listen to reason and force your employer to pay wages and benefits to which you may be entitled.

Our opponents understand that we will always bring them to court when necessary. To schedule a free initial consultation on your employment law claim, contact Alan C. Awards and Recognition.

Employment Law Question? Today at or Our practice focuses on protecting employee rights. Our Milwaukee employment law attorneys have extensive experience representing clients in all aspects of employment law, including: Employment contracts Employee discrimination Employment benefits Employee rights We Use Insights to Persuade Your Opponent We bargain from a position of strength.

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