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Want to add to your family and give back to the Moorpark community at the same time?

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When you are searching for an OBGYN, you want someone who understands your unique needs as a woman and who is willing to listen to your goals and fears. As a holistic practitioner, Dr. C believes that reproductive health is affected by the interplay between physical, psychological, and interpersonal forces. Although she is highly skilled as a practitioner of traditional medicine and holds multiple board certifications — including one from the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology — her first step during a consultation is to listen to you. Whether you want to find the perfect form of birth control, become pregnant, or relieve the symptoms of menopause, Dr. C partners with you to find a remedy that suits your unique needs and lifestyle.

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Infertility is a condition that prevents women from getting pregnant after trying to conceive for at least one year. There may be various reasons that can cause infertility in women, from uterine fibroids, hormone imbalances, ovarian cysts, Meal plans and strict diet plans may work for a short time, but they are unhealthy and unsustainable.

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Adopting a healthy lifestyle and making gradual lifestyle changes is the trick. Most women have cellulite.

The pesky little skin dimples that show up and nobody wants, have cast a shadow on body image and self-esteem for decades. It can happen to any woman, as early as our 20s.

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One day it is not there and the next day it is. The avera.

What does it mean? Think looks are only skin deep? Believe it or not, researchers in the American Psychological Society have been studying up on whether or not looking better truly le to feeling better.

Many women are not able to enjoy intimacy as they expect to, and many suffer in silence, not comfortable sharing their discomfort, pain, or lack of satisfaction with either their partner, their close friends or their medical providers. January is thyroid awareness month, and public interest in the thyroid is on the rise, especially as scientists have linked thyroid issues with infertility in women.

What are the advantages of a holistic obgyn?

The thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland that produces regulatory hormones for the endocrin. It is common knowledge that many of the people that have fallen sick due to Covid are people with chronic illness, the elderly, in general people who have a weak immune system. As we age our hormone levels decline, and as a we begin to feel more tired, get sick more frequently, we do not heal as fast and slowly chronic disease like hypertension, high cholesterol, depression and weight gain, to name a few, makes its debut.

Painful vaginal intercourse also know medically as "dyspareunia" does not have to be a problem for you and you deserve to know that there are solutions. Blog Articles.

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